The pack that was once the Two Waters pack took their name from the two most important bodies of water in their territory — the Trinity Falls, for which the city is named, and Raven Lake.


So far, none of the other Forsaken in Trinity Falls are willing to speak the names of any of the Two Waters pack. Instead, they simply call them Zi’ir or the Broken. They will reveal that Two Waters was an all Hunters-in-Darkness pack, and that the pack consisted of: two Elodoth, a Cahalith, an Ithaeur, and a Rahu who served as alpha.


Two Waters’ territory is bounded by the Clark River on the east, 14th St. on the South, Russel Ave on the north, and I-29 on the west. The territory includes Downtown, the Arts Center, the Trinity Falls Library, Raven Lake, Terrace Park/Japanese Gardens, and Falls Park (including the western half of the falls). Serving as a buffer between the Blood Talons and the Storm Lords, Two Waters managed to walk a fine line between diplomats and warriors, keeping peace among the three other packs in the city and brutally slapping down any incursions into their territory.


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