The Shepherds


The Shepherds pack name is just as snobby and pretentious as it sounds. By claiming the name Shepherds, these Storm Lords set themselves both above the herd (humans) and the sheep dogs (local Forsaken).


Jonah Evenson (Pack Alpha | Storm Lord | Cahalith)
Storm Lord 2 (Storm Lord | Irraka)
Storm Lord 3
Storm Lord 4


The Shepherds claim a roughly triangular territory that begins in the southwest where I-29 and the bypass separate. It follows the bypass Northeast as far as 14t St, which serves as the northern border. The pack’s southern border goes slightly south of the bypass to include a park and trails that start just south of the bypass and follow its path, along with one of the richest new housing developments in the city. Their territory includes the city’s main business district, the mall, a small private college, and two separate hospital campuses that each take up several blocks.

The Shepherds have claimed some of the most influential territory available in terms of money and lifestyle. They would like to annex the downtown area from the territory of the former Two Waters pack in order to spread their influence into administrative affairs as well as business. However, any attempt to annex downtown has brought swift retaliation from the Reapers and Kamikaze

The Shepherds

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