The Reapers


The Reapers took their name to reflect the mixed nature of their pack. An amalgam of Bone Shadows and Iron Masters, the Reapers embody the joining together of Death and his infamous scythe. Without Death, a scythe is just a farm implement. And without the badass tool of his calling, Death is just an old guy in some really heavy robes.


Puppet (Alpha | Bone Shadow | Elodoth)
Genevieve “Killswitch” Collins (Iron Master | Rahu)
John “Q” Glover (Iron Master | Ithaeur)
Alison “Dreamer” Reynolds (Bone Shadow | Cahalith)
Daniel “Spooky” Mihn (Bone Shadow | Ithaeur)


Reaper territory starts at 14th St. in the south, with the Clark River and the bypass serving as western and eastern borders, respectively. Where the Clark River deviates from its north/south course, the territory boundary continues straight north (despite no obvious landmarks) until it hits I-90. The Reapers share the invisible part of this western border with Kamikaze.

Their territory includes their side of the Clark River where it runs North/South, a stretch of the Clark River all to their own where it turns East/West for a bit, all four of the city’s cemeteries, the ruins of the Royal Flour mill, the Wilson Co. meat packing plant, and a couple of minor parks.

The Reapers

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