PC Territory


Mateo Aguila
A former gang member and graffiti artist. After serving time in jail for possession of a firearm, Mateo broke with his old gang and focused on his art. Instead of making gang tags, Mateo paints over them, incorporating them into his murals the way tattoo artists who specialize in cover-ups ink over or work with previous designs. Despite his new artistic outlook, Mateo still has a tagger’s habit of painting first and asking for permission never. He recently received his first legal commission from the city after petitions and general community outrage persuaded them not to cover up some of his previous work.

Squeak & Meegs
Sisters who co-own and run The Sacred Yew. Meegs runs the kitchen while Squeak handles the bar. Those who know them well know that Meegs is two years older than Squeak and a little mellower. Squeak is the younger, slightly more aggressive sister. Although to most, the difference are negligible. Both sisters are friendly to the Yew’s regulars and to customers who respect the bar. And both sisters turn incredibly vicious when someone or something threatens the Yew or its patrons. The fact that one is ready to fight a second before the other or hits slightly harder than the other doesn’t really matter to the poor bastard on the receiving end.

Points of Interest

The Sacred Yew
The Sacred Yew is a bar in the Downtown section of the pack’s territory. Among locals in the know, it has a reputation for being clean, friendly, and having one of the most knowledgeable bartenders and THE damn comfiest couches in the city. It’s the best bar you’ll never hear of. In addition to being a hell of a bar, it also seems to be a locus in the making. The good energy has been slowly pooling positive essence for the almost 10 years that the bar has been open. If the bar can last another 15 or 20 years — or with several months of consistent, focused effort and TLC from the right Uratha — it has every chance of becoming a locus.

PC Territory

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