PC Pack




Jakob Kurzeme / Cha’kwaina (Blood Talon | Rahu)
Mambo Emeline Zo Doucet (Bone Shadow | Elodoth)
Aisling Kathleen Phelan (Bone Shadow | Ithaeur)
Kyle Moonglitter (Hunter in Darkness | Rahu)
Walter Túlélni (Iron Master | Irraka)
Ted Rutherford (Storm Lord | Irraka)
Ray Gorman (Storm Lord | Rahu)


The un-named, no-totem pack is trying to claim the territory formerly held by the Two Waters pack. The territory is bounded by the Clark River on the east, 14th St. on the South, Russel Ave on the north, and I-29 on the west. The territory includes Downtown, the Arts Center, the Trinity Falls Library, Raven Lake, Terrace Park/Japanese Gardens, and Falls Park (including the western half of the falls).

PC Pack

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