Other Forsaken think that the pack took its name from the Kamikaze pilots of WWII, whose devastating suicide missions became the stuff of legend. Another pack of crazy Blood Talons with another crazy name. Those who make such assumptions are missing the real importance of the name. Kamikaze translates as “divine wind” or sometimes “god wind.” The pack took this name in honor of the brutal north wind that blows through the open spaces of their territory.


Stephanie “Fubar” Briggs (Alpha | Blood Talons | Irraka)
Shawn “Medic” Martin (Blood Talon | Ithaeur)
Jason “Zen” Franks (Blood Talon | Cahalith)
Luke “Blitz” Holmes (Blood Talon | Rahu)


Kamikaze claims the stretch of land between Russel St. on the south, I-90 on the north, and I-29 on the West. The eastern border is an invisible line that that starts upstream of the waterfalls and goes straight north until it runs into I-90.

To others, this seems like a strange piece of territory for a pack of Blood Talons to claim. It sits at the northern outskirts of the developed part of the city and contains a small airport, a golf course, two of the largest motorcycle dealerships in the state — all separated by a mix of prairie, small fields, and half-developed roads that switch from asphalt to dirt before just ending in grass.

To Kamikaze, it is a strange piece of territory to claim — now. When the pack of the Blood Talon “dynasty” in Trinity Falls originally claimed the area, it was nothing but prairie and farm land outside of the city. It provided a place to hunt, to howl, and to stockpile caches of weapons and supplies. Over the past several decades, the city has expanded and spread until Kamikaze’s territory became what it is today. It’s not ideal, but the Forsaken of Kamikaze will be damned if this land slips from Blood Talon hands on their watch.


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