Welcome to Trinity Falls

Try not to die.


The characters are new werewolves (less than a year past First Change) being thrown into a political clusterf*ck. Each of you were found by Forsaken from Trinity Falls, a medium sized Midwestern city. And in this city, the Forsaken have a problem. A fairly plush piece of territory is going to hell in a hand basket because every single member of the pack that held it has become Zi’ir.

Within this pack’s territory, humans are starting to go missing. The spirits have started to notice that the Zi’ir haven’t been showing up in the spirit world to keep them in check and they’re starting to act up. No single Forsaken pack in the city is strong enough to simply annex this turf in its entirety, and any time a neighboring pack has tried to claim a slice of it, the other packs have made advances on their territory.

In short, everyone wants the territory but none are in a position to claim it. Yet if they leave it as it is, it’s only a matter of time before the Zi’ir ruin things or the Pure come sniffing around. The only thing the local Forsaken want less than for the Zi’ir to keep it or their rivals to claim it is for the Pure to gain a foothold in the city.

The locals have decided to cobble together a group to occupy the turf. The animosity of each pack toward one another has guaranteed that the candidates offered can’t be closely attached to any of the existing packs, which rules out all the local Forsaken best equipped to deal with the situation.

Enter your characters. You’ve been given a choice: form a new, independent pack with your fellow newbies and take up the near suicide mission that is claiming and maintaining this territory, OR…Well, the "or"s are different depending on who’s doing the talking, but none of them are pleasant.

For whatever reasons, every one of you has chosen to form the pack and try to claim the territory. There’s a lot working against you — you’re inexperienced, you haven’t worked together as a pack before, you have no pack totem, you’re being dropped into territory already held by hostile and batshit crazy werewolves, and many of the local Forsaken don’t actually want you to succeed. Some view you as a stop gap measure until they can figure out a way to get some or all the turf for themselves. Some don’t know what else to do but it just chaps their furry asses to see prime real estate just “handed over” to young pups.

But there behind all the risks is a slim chance at some very big payoffs. If you succeed in routing the Zi’ir, repairing the damage, and holding the land against the Pure and even some of your fellow Forsaken, you stand to gain renown, resources, and what could be a physically and spiritually amazing stretch of earth to call home.

FtB Werewolf PbP Campaign

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