Trinity Falls


Trinity Falls is a small/medium size (depending on where you’re from) Midwestern City. Settled in the mid-1800’s, the city proper now sits tucked between two major interstates and bounded by a bypass on the east side, while the metro area extends slightly past the interstate on the west side and the bypass on the east side. It boasts about 200,000 residents – which makes it the largest city in a very sparsely populated state – and has a healthy growth rate.


The Forsaken have held complete control over Trinity Falls since just after World War II. Packs have come and gone, with territories sometimes being inherited from older packs and sometimes being taken by outsiders. Trinity Falls was spared any serious attention during the Brethren War, but they have tried to take to heart the lessons which so many other Forsaken had to learn the hard way — namely, that the Pure are always watching, waiting for their chance to strike. No matter what else happens in Trinity Falls, the Pure must never be allowed to gain a foothold.

There are currently four active Forsaken packs in and around Trinity Falls. Three of these are single tribe packs (Blood Talons, Storm Lords, and Hunters in Darkness), with one mixed-tribe pack (Bone Shadows and Iron Masters).


In the past 15 years, Pure sightings have been fairly sparse. Based on that contact, local packs think that the nearest Pure pack of any significance must be at least 20 – 40 miles west of the city. That doesn’t mean that the Forsaken have not encountered the Pure within their territory — only that they cropped up rarely, in small numbers, and were viciously rooted out. Any Pure within the city itself are either isolated, weak, or incredibly patient and good at hiding.

Trinity Falls

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