Character Creation


Every Attribute starts out with 1 free dot automatically. So if you put no dots in Strength, your character’s Strength is 1. After that, you have 12pts to spend any way you want (feel free to use or ignore the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary breakdowns listed in the book).


22 pts spent any way you want. Pick 3 skill specialties.


7pts. Purchasing additional primal urge costs 3 merit points / dot in primal urge. Do NOT take the Wolf-Blooded or Totem merits from the Forsaken book. Any mechanical effect of Wolf-Blooded disappears after the wolf-blooded human undergoes First Change, so it’d just be a waste of your points. As far as totem goes, when the time is right you guys will handle that in-game. We’ll play out the process of you investigating, hunting down, and negotiating (and probably “negotiating”) for the patronage of your chosen spirit. When that happens, I’ll figure out the mechanics of your pack totem and throw in the appropriate points. You’ll have more than earned them and I don’t see any point in making you spend points on it at character creation.

The 5th dot in any Attribute, Skill, or Merit costs 2pts


Choose 1 additional skill specialty based on Auspice. Assign your beginning renown — 1 pt each in the primary renown categories of your auspice and tribe, and 1pt to put in any renown type. When assigning renown, keep in mind that the number of your highest renown category determines the maximum level of gifts you can use. Ex: Jo-Bob Fangpants is an Iron Master Rahu. For renown, he has 2 Cunning and 1 Purity. When he chooses gifts, he can only take 1-dot or 2-dot gifts from his applicable gift lists. He can’t choose at creation or learn any 3-dot gifts until he boosts one of his renown categories to 3.


Choose 1 gift from your tribe-affiliated lists, 1 gift from your auspice-affiliated gifts, and 2 gifts from any other gift list except for auspice gifts that aren’t your own (no auspice cross training :naughty: ). For now, please limit your gift selection to those available in the main Forsaken book. Once we’re in-game and it’s time to learn more gifts, we’ll expand your choices. But for now, I don’t want to add learning about up to 24 completely unfamiliar gifts all at once to my to-do list.


Stamina + 5 (unless you’re taking a merit that changes your base body size)


Resolve + Composure


Dex or Wits, whichever is lowest.

Initiative Modifier:

Dex + Composure


Strength + Dex + 5


Starting Harmony is 7, unless you choose to drop a point of Harmony in exchange for 5xp to spend. You can drop two points of Harmony in this way at character creation.


Starting essence is 7. Primal Urge determines how many essence pts you can spend in a single turn in-game.

Primal Urge:

Begins at 1. You can purchase more with Merit dots at a cost of 3 to 1. Handy chart detailing mechanical effects of Primal Urge on pg 76 of the Forsaken book.

Character Creation

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